Friday, December 31, 2010

High Noon

This deserves a place in top 5 of my favorite westerns. Gary Copper though looks old carries his rôle with so much ease. Having said that, its not a very easy rôle to act. I am not going to divulge into the story but this is a story of a real hero who perspires like a normal man when pushed off the limits. He gets angry, he is helpless and hopeless and he is brave. There were great performances in this flick along with Gary but this film stands as a classic because if two reasons. One the cinematography. The long fluid shots and some of the shots are really innovative considering the time. Last but not the least, the background score. This has one of the favorite score " Do not foresake me oh my darling" only after Lux Antenna of Requiem for a dream. This particular flick shows how a movie should be made without any unwanted characters or wasting time on useless scenes. This is a true classic.

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