Saturday, October 23, 2010

Art of Manliness - Top 100 Movies list

I came across this blog and it seems to have a lot of useful stuff not only for men but for everyone. Great work by Brett. And since this is a movie blog, I am going to watch the top movies from them. I have already watched some in the list and will try to complete the list soon. Already imdb 250 is a long pending list to complete. Currently i stand at 156 out of 250. So let me write some crap about the wonderful flicks which I am going to watch soon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Machinist

If Hitchcock is alive now, how does his movie look like? Nobody can say exactly but The machinist would be coming real closer to it. The whole movie feels like a tribute to hitchcock's movie making. The bizarre setting, the haunting score and the chase sequences shot in the way just like in any other Hitchcock's flick.

This movie follows a life of a man who is insomniac and the outcomes of his condition. This is shot in a more engaging way with a bleak setting with grainy and washed out colors hinting the mood swings the insomniac undergoes and not to forget the haunting score which again adds up the momentum of the flick. This is more of a character driven film rather than a plot driven one. So if you like character driven ones, this will savor you for sure. Christian bale as the insomniac is freakingly horrible and ya thats what he wanted. He fits the bill perfectly. Its out and out his show. The climax is brilliant explaining the things straight though keeps as engaged. I am not revealing anything about the story since it will make things normal. Wanna a watch a Hitchcock's film with a modern day settiing ? - "The Machinist" is the one

Sunday, October 3, 2010

21 Grams

I guess the pic above is big enough to read the caption in it. And that's all it sums up the whole movie in those words. Simple story told in a poignant manner. Not so simple to catch up with the plethora of events happen in a small time which is told in non chronological order. Though could be told as a straight story, the narration do add up the suspense. The director's brilliance can be seen in each frame. Be it the sharp dialogues or the circumstances he creates, nothing is normal or clich├ęd here. Including Sean Penn everybody fits the bill perfectly. You would feel you have spent your time wisely when the end credits roll.( yes applies only for who watches the end credits only after watching the movie :)


Puzzled! Thats my reaction when I came out of the theatre. Does the kind of crowd you watch the movie with creates any difference in your views? I am sure it does! Atleast it did with me. The movie didn't meet my expectations when I came out of the theatre.

I come home, lay on the bed and start thinking about the flick. Hmm, mmhm - Come on its not bad! Hell ya! its good enough. That calls for our next important question - On what grounds?

Number 1 - The grandiose

This is nothing short of anything. Given the budget, I feel the same amount how I perceived the costliest Avatar. I dont find any scene which feel cheap or childish.

Number 2 - Acting ( Read it as Rajni)

How many of us wish to see that old Rajni like in Thalapathi or Netrikan or Johny. Where is the powerful actor has gone ? Where is that explosive performance sans punch dialogues and some stupid stunts? Your answer for all these would be Endhiran. No stupid proving the mettle scene or ton of advice in the opening song to show the "Mass". Just a casual introduction - I started liking the movie. And what an explosive performance from Rajni post interval when he shows the other face! Don't get me wrong, he is as good in the first half as well. Rajni starts his show when he starts laughing when he is designed to kill. Oh man, If anybody can do that in style I am game for it. And the following scenes as well. Specially the "Black Sheep" scene. This is out and out an roller coaster ride for Rajni in acting and he does it with panache.

Number -3 Technical Aspects and Music

Tamil cinema is turning heads toward it. Hard to accept but that's the truth. Though many guys from US have worked, the IDEA comes from here. The climax scenes really give goosebumps when you see those stunts and creativity in a Tamil cinema.Kilimanjaro and Irumbiile were the pick of the album, shot exquisitely. Be it the exotic Machu Picchu or the cool choreography - these two songs are going to rule the roost soon if not already :) ARR outshines himself in BGM when compared to his latest flicks.

Flipside - yawn five minutes, watch five minutes, sleep five minutes, swear on the director for ten more minutes and drop your jaw for the last fifteen minutes. This is what really happens second half. First half was pretty much decent though it had dragging fights and few cliched scenes. Coming to second half what should have been a cool ride with an interesting scenario of a robot loving a human turns to be a boring episode in the movie. There were two stupid scenes which are the leads to two good songs are the real culprits of the flick. One involving the mosquito scene and another being Kalabavan Mani's scene with Rai. Come on, we don't want a situation which demands a song. Throw it somewhere between the flick, we would rather like it. Kilimanjaro and Irumbiile were the pick of the album, shot exquisitely. Be it the exotic Machu Picchu or the cool choreography - these two songs are going to rule the roost soon if not already :) ARR outshines himself in BGM when compared to his latest flicks.

I guess I left a guy who is responsible for all the write up above or scribbling. Shankar he is! I don't like him much personally. I am one of the guy who calls him as "Technical Perarasu" :) I want to change my views I guess hereafter. Endhiran is not a simple flick to make. We can talk over this logic is missing or that. Its boring or whatever crap we wanna say. However, what churned out in the screen is a big dream which a guy had. How slowly it has gotten into shape and how its made is to be appreciated for sure.

Coming to the first few lines of the same write up. I watched with a couple of friends in a utter crap theater without any hope. I guess anybody will feel the same when they watch Inception or what so ever:)

Verdict - Rajni, On his bare bones is a great actor. Here utilized properly. Watch it one more time you will understand!