Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya - Movie Review

With many expectations like Gautam Menon and AR Rehman's new combination and the knack for romance which Gautam has and delivers in each of his flicks, I went to see this. Result: Certainly i am way too satisified with the movie. It exceeded all my expectations and apparently it lived upto its hype.

Story: Karthick(simbhu) falls on love with Jessy (Trisha) when he sees her for the first time. ( A typical GM's love start)Jessy is from an orthodox christian family while Karthick hails from a hindu family who aspires to be a director. As a golden rule in Tamil cinema's love, religion, father and every possible thing which comes to your mind put their love in disguise. And the story unfolds showing whether they have joined hands or left apart with an interesting climax.

Performances: Simbhu has done a very nice underplay here and he shines. I always believe there is no such thing called a "good actor". Its all the director who pulls the talent out of an actor. And Gautam shows he is an expert in this in the form of Karthick's role.Trisha though looks pretty aged, blows us with her performance. She portrays a girl's emotions and the challenges which she undergoes with all finesse. Ganesh who comes as a friend of Karthick gets more applause than anyone when he utters those quirky remarks.

Music: The world knows why Rahman is a genius. But at certain times, the music which has the upper hand sometimes suppresses the beautiful, poetic lyrics by Thamarai. Other than that Rahman tries fusing traditional Indian vocals with an awesome guitar play in Aaromale which is nothing short of a classic. Omana Penne, Manippaya gets better while watching on screen. Hosana is this year's Adiye Kolludhe! Its refreshingly new.

Cinematography and Art: This guy simply blows away. Gautam shows his life he wanted to put on the screen through the lens' of this guy. A cinematographer or art director shouldn't be praised for his individual elements and tricks he employs in the movie. What matters is, even if its simple, how it gels with the flick really matters to me. in that sense Manoj and Raajevan win hands down. The choice of colors they used makes it simple but elegant in the screen.

Editing: Antony should have been generously cut some 15 minutes of scenes in the second half as it spoils the flow of the flick.

On the down side, songs were not in sync with the movie. Only when Aaromale and Mannipaya you feel a certain connectivity with the movie. Other songs though they feel good to hear, however doesn't go with the story. Being a little dragged during second half and songs every 10-15 minutes certainly spoils the movie's flow to an extent.

But of late I didn't witness any honest story straight from the director like this. How frequent we come across a dialogue or a BGM playing in the movie make us getting goosebumps? The climax scene while trisha shaking hands with Simbhu and the Mannipaya playing in the background did bring me goosebumps. And this is why i like movies. When you feel for the character or you think yourself as a certain character, the director wins. And so Gautam Menon. Period.

Forget the minor flaws(which can be corrected by crisp editing) and whining about it.Watch a great, simple and honest love story with hurdles which they overcome being the ones you watched umpteen times in other movies but with a soul to it in VTV and with a different treatment.

Verdict: VTV has a soul!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

தமிழ் படம் - திரை விமர்சனம்

ஹ்ம்ம் தமிழ் படம் mysorela ரிலீஸ் ஆகவே இல்ல . உடனே காவேரி பிரச்சனயானு கேட்கதேங்கே.என்னமோ பெரிய ஹீரோ படம் மட்டும் தன ரிலீஸ் ஆகுது. சரி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டு பாத்தேன். சும்மா சொல்ல கூடாது. Shiva பின்னி பெடல் எடுத்துட்டாரு. பச்சை பிங்க் வெள்ளை தமிழன்... ஹ்ம்ம் ஒன்னும் சொல்றதுக்கு இல்ல. விஜய் மேல என்ன கடுப்போ தெரியல. வச்சு கிழிச்சுட்டாங்க. கதை எல்லாம் நான் டைப் பண்ண டைம் இல்ல. மொக்கை கதைதான் ஆனா சொன்ன விதம் புதுசு. Shiva Chennai 28la " அண்ணி குழந்தை அதுவாத்தான் அழுகுது அண்ணின்னு சொல்ற சீன் அவரு எப்படி பட்ட நடிகர்னு காட்டிச்சு. அதே மாதிரி சரோஜவுல " அண்டா வாயன்னு" நம்ம பிரேம்ஜி சொல்லுவாரு. இந்த படத்துல இன்னும் ஒரு படி ஏறி நம்ம காப்டின விட எல்லாம் பயங்கரமா யோசிச்சிருகாறு.

நம்ம செல்வராகவன் இப்படி படம் எடுத்திருக்கலாம். அத விட்டுட்டு சோழர் பண்டியர்னு history கிளாஸ் எடுக்க ட்ரை பண்ணி மொக்கை வாங்கிருகாறு. இத படிச்சிட்டு Vettaikaran படம் பாக்கிறவனுக்கு ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன் புடிக்காதுன்னு
சொல்ற Hitchcock , Kubrick எல்லாம் first என்ன கதை சொல்றோம்ரத விட்டுட்டு எப்படி கதை சொல்றங்காத தமிழ் படம் பார்த்தே தெரிஞ்சிக்கலாம். Selva மாதி English படம் பாக்க தேவை இல்ல.