Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Machinist

If Hitchcock is alive now, how does his movie look like? Nobody can say exactly but The machinist would be coming real closer to it. The whole movie feels like a tribute to hitchcock's movie making. The bizarre setting, the haunting score and the chase sequences shot in the way just like in any other Hitchcock's flick.

This movie follows a life of a man who is insomniac and the outcomes of his condition. This is shot in a more engaging way with a bleak setting with grainy and washed out colors hinting the mood swings the insomniac undergoes and not to forget the haunting score which again adds up the momentum of the flick. This is more of a character driven film rather than a plot driven one. So if you like character driven ones, this will savor you for sure. Christian bale as the insomniac is freakingly horrible and ya thats what he wanted. He fits the bill perfectly. Its out and out his show. The climax is brilliant explaining the things straight though keeps as engaged. I am not revealing anything about the story since it will make things normal. Wanna a watch a Hitchcock's film with a modern day settiing ? - "The Machinist" is the one


  1. Is that Christian Bale ??? :O
    will get back to you after watchin it :)

  2. yes Its him! Even i was astonished when i saw it for the first time!