Saturday, November 6, 2010

Va Quarter Cutting - Can fetch a quarter in any rating scale. Nothing more.

To be very honest, I was expecting something fresh and interesting seeing the promos. However what I witnessed is a plain boring movie which screwed up my expectations big time.

The positives : Well, I gotta think this first. Crazy plot which is really interesting. An alcoholic in search of his last "cutting" before boarding the flight to middle east where liquor is banned. To spice things up, It was a dry day. Whether his thirst remains or he quenches it falls as the rest of the flick. Thediya song was shot creatively and Nirav Shah's lens' has captured the night life of Chennai beautifully.Here and there great subtle humor which leads to some gags and that's it about it.

Negatives: Worst screenplay and poorly sketched characters. Many of my friends left the theatre during interval itself. What i think is the directors duo wanted to make a movie which happens at a night and ran out of ideas on how to make it interesting. Utterly non sense characters roam here and there and make an appearance when not needed and looks like forced ones. This makes it to feel stupid.

What the directors couple want to know is to give any flick with a good screenplay and not the vice versa.

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