Sunday, August 15, 2010


It may sound clichéd when every critic or every other person writes as "Chennai to Madrasapattinam" when reviewing this flick. Believe me or not, that's just true. First of all kudos to the trio - director, cameraman and the art director respectively. Its splendid work of art to see the trams running in the city, a beautiful kuvam river with boats plying and the wonderful clock tower and etc etc. The stage was set so nicely and no loose ends when coming to bringing the erstwhile Madras Presidency before us. So what about the story then?

Nothing new here. Yet, the interesting characters make the difference. Aarya as the brawny youth and Amy as the beautiful english lady who visits Madras. As expected, she falls for Aarya on seeing his braveness. Language indeed comes as a barrier between them and the way they tackle it is shown just like a poem. Amy not only looks beautiful but acts very naturally given the scope. There are laughs here and there and nice action sequences when needed. The songs are pretty good though one during the second half halts the pace of the flick. The day of independence was shot beautifully and it's a treat to watch. There are a couple of supporting characters and each played their rôle effectively.

Many complain the movie is like Titanic. May be. The way adopted to tell a story seems like Titanic, but the script is original. The complaint I have about this movie is the exaggerated climax and a comparatively snail paced second half. Forget these flaws and you have a real good flick before you.

Madraspattinam - May be a old story but it glitters.

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