Sunday, August 15, 2010

500 days of Summer

I am not a big fan of romantic comedies. Still this movie is very close to my heart. It makes you feel good and when ends it slaps on our face. I am sure, each one of us can relate to this story and the feelings the protagonist undergoes is a honest portrayal of each and everyone who got dumped by one or the other.

Tom works in a company where his job is to write quotes for the greeting cards on different themes. He studied architecture and out of no choice he started working in the greeting card company. One fine day, Summer joins Tom's office as manager's PA and the sweet love story begins. The story is told in a nice non chronological order which makes us guessing what happened to her. The dialogues are awesome throughout the flick. For instance,in one scene , when Tom's friend says Tom that he is stalking Summer. Summer will be inside the room. When she comes out Tom asks did she hear anything. She says nothing, and she gotta go since she is stalking i mean starving. Like this the film is filled with scenes which will make you smile.

The editing is perfect and the director uses split screens to show what Tom thinks and whats the reality in one scene and that's just perfect. The film is full of OSTs. Some or the other songs is being played in the background if not, somebody holds the mic and they start singing. Nothing bad, those are the cool moments and certainly the OSTs feel so good like very few romantic flicks. Somehow "Notting Hill" comes to my mind.

And coming to the performances, Levitt and Deschanel did their rôle perfectly and their onscreen chemistry is one of the best which I have seen of late. And the sister of Tom. Oh my! Man mark my word, she is going to chew everybody in the next 10 years. Her rôle in "KIck Ass" was phenomenal and even here too. The good part is she knows how to act.

Having said all these, the true beauty of the movie lay nowhere in the things mentioned above. It lay in the relationship between the two and how beautifully its shown and the hard hitting climax. This is one of the movies which will touch every human's heart someway or the other. Period.


  1. This movie is not a love story "ITS A STORY ABOUT LOVE"...

    have written about this film in my blog too ,a real feel good movie :)

    nice review too :)

  2. true. Agreed. You do have a great blog and nice content. Will drop to hear more from you.