Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nadunisi Naaygal

Well, How should I start? Like GM? I made a lot of research. This is a true story. I told this to my costume designer and she puked. My wife likes Tarantino and slasher flicks. I wanted to do something different. I don't care what the world says. This is not for the weak hearted..

Excuse me...

A person who undergoes sexual abuse in his early life, turns to be a psycho. He has multiple personality disorder which makes him kill the girls. Mr Gautam is this really a true story or it's a marketing trick to lure the poor audience? May be you can say you are the first to show incest in TC, but that makes no difference. Your screenplay is decades old. The movie moves ahead with the psycho's POV which is plain boring. I felt like I am hearing match commentary in radio. And acting - What to write. I really don't know why they show these psychos always speak in a different tone and yucky mannerisms? Turning to one side, nodding then speaking.. Give us a break..

Speaking of technical departments, the cinematography and editing are of top notch. However , this doesn't help much. Showing an abandoned mansion, with only two characters roaming in it, with no BGM to create an eerie effect doesn't make you Hitchcock sir. What you need is a gripping screenplay which sans all the other things be it the mansion or the yucky mannerisms you(?) or your hero portrays.

And you will hear people saying this is a novel attempt, he has raised the bar - these are nowhere true. Let him come out of his amateur movie making and his self boasting then we can say he has raised the bar. Before that, let him find a produce to make a movie.

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