Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Is It

Just heard some tracks of MJ and just known a very little about him, I started
watching this flick and needless to say I am blown away. This is a very good film on
just showing the last training performance of Mj for his final concert. This doesn't show
any hard feelings or not even a word about the tragedy happened. And I think, that's the
power of the flick.

Can you make an approximate 2 hrs flick to be interesting? Yes, why not if MJ is there
performing his best. I could see, how much effort they had put in it and how much different it
would have been if it has happened in real. This is nothing to be reviewed regarding this flick.
Because no body thought or devised a script for it. And as by the old saying " Truth is stranger
than fiction" goes, the movie is a perfect example.

For MJ fans this is a flick which reads "This is it" but in real, that's not it. The glory MJ has left upon
shall still remain. For others, atleast if not a great flick, this will remain as an example on
how much effort goes behind a live concert. Period.

Rating - 3.5/5 - Indeed an offbeat flick.

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